About Us

Established 1952

We are family owned and operated with four generations of experience in the monument industry.

Our mission is to provide the families we serve with guidance and affordable options for burial and cremation. We will continue to provide the best workmanship and material available, along with unlimited design capabilities to tell the story of a loved ones life.  



Granite Facts

What is granite?

Granite is a tough, durable rock composed primarily of three different minerals. These minerals are easy to see due to their different colors. The white or other color mineral grains found in granite are feldspar. It is the most abundant mineral found in granite. The light gray, glass-like grains are quartz, and the black, flake-like grains are biotite or black mica.

Granite and marble. How are they different?

Marble is simply limestone that has been compressed and/or heated deep within the earth's crust. Unlike granite, marble was never molten rock, but it may have been heated and squeezed enough for the limestone grains to bend and flow. Marble is also made up of only one mineral -- calcite -- a relatively soft mineral with a hardness of "3". Calcite is a commonmineral -- all limestones and nearly all seashells are made of it.